Beginners Backyard Landscaping


You bought your first house and now you have thought about redesigning your backyard into something more elaborate and have a personal touch. For most beginners unfortunately, people’s grand plans usually stay in planning phase for quite some time because it’s easy to get overwhelmed by sheer amount of choices you have to make and things you have to do. Here are a few bullet points to get you started.

Clean up the yard

  1. clean upThis may seem as a chore, but it’s much better to start with a clean slate. Clearing your backyard of all unnecessary things will help you get a better picture of the space you have on disposal and spare you the trouble of working around something you don’t actually need.
  2. Remove all sprinklers, debris or improvised constructions you have in a yard and get ready to start the actual work.
  3. Begin with mowing the lawn, and trimming edges already in place or along fences.

Don’t Rush

You should do your backyard rearrangement patiently. Nobody is able to act like a home-improvement crew capable of achieving everything in a day.

  1. edgesGrowing a garden is a time demanding process so you shouldn’t waste all of your resources into something you are not 100% sure about.
  2. Create lines and borders along planting beds and trees. -You don’t have to go with straight lines, be creative and give your garden beds some curves.
  3. Using mulch instead of soil -Try adding mulch, even if you don’t have too many plants, to create tidy look and prevent any kind of weeds of showing up.
  4. Instead of mulching, using stones.
  5. Adding water to your landscape.  A pond or waterfall.
  6. Using Decorative Items. First of all, you should work around some focal point of your backyard, for example a sculpture, tree or a patio.

Get the needed tools

To complete your landscaping goals, you will need a few tools. To start with:

  1. A garden hoe which is used to move small amounts of soil.
  2. Pitchfork: you will need to lift and pitch loose materials like leaves.
  3. Spade, primarily used for digging, Looks like a long shovel.
  4. Secateurs, which are basically scissors for plants.
  5. Rake, used for leveling the ground, removing dead grass from lawn and also for loosening the soil.

You’ll also probably need some power tools for cutting and rearranging.  It’s not that hard, but just be sure to make a plan, clear the yard, start with the small tasks. These are just some basic guidelines you should follow, but everything else is up to you and your imagination so find out what do you want to do and get those hands dirty as soon as possible. If you don’t have time to get your hands dirty, you can call upon Frisco Landscaping for assistance.  A full service landscaping company will be able to complete your dream yard quickly and professionally.


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