Essential Tips to Prevent Weeds from Growing in Your Lawn


Well Maintained Lawns Naturally Choke out Weeds

pre-emergant-sprayWeeds can invade a lawn regardless of what type of landscaping you do or how good your landscaping company is. Weeds will make their way into your yard and it’s important you remove them as quickly as possible.  If the weeds start to seed it will be difficult to keep up with the rate they start to spread. Not sure if you have weeds?

  1. Mow at the recommended height for your type of lawn grass. This promotes healthy root growth and increases resistance to pests and disease.
  2. Mow based on grass growth, not your calendar. Time your mowing so you remove roughly one-third of the length of the grass blades in a single mowing. You want to avoiding mowing your grass too short.
  3. lawn-irrigationProper watering is vital to a lawns health. This provides an average lawn with the equivalent of about 1 inch of rainfall each week. This allows moisture to penetrate deeply and encourages healthy, deep root growth. Watering once or twice per week is better than more frequent watering.
  4. Keep your lawn fed – with quality weed & feed or fertilizer-only products. However over seeding is possible and you should always follow the  manufacturers instructions.
  5. Lawn Aeration – Regular lawn aeration helps keep the lawn roots healthy and properly hydrated. Aeration, in addition keep thatch build up to a minimum which also can inhibit weed growth for certain type of grass weeds.
  6. mulchMulch for Garden Beds – Mulching your flower beds and trees will help deter weed growth within your flower beds. Make sure to use enough mulch to suffocate out the weeds from sunlight.
  7. Lawn and Path Edging

Following these essential tips to prevent weeds from growing in your lawn can help prevent your lawn and garden from being overrun by weeds. If you don’t have the time or are not getting the landscaping results you need, maybe it’s time to call New Landscaping Frisco for help. Contact us for a free quote.



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