Popular Landscaping Trends


With renewed enthusiasm for the outdoors, today’s homeowners are embracing thoughtful design, stylish plantings and smart technology to enhance their landscapes as extensions of their homes.

1. Green on Green on Green

garden-greensVibrant green will take center stage in landscapes this year. Combining greenery of various textures and shades, such as a formal hedge of green velvet boxwood, a border of green lilyturf and dense Boston ivy-covered trellises, is just as impactful as a garden filled with a rainbow of colorful flowers.

2. Hygge Moves In

hygge-landscapingThe Danish concept of hygge is all about creating an atmosphere of coziness by embracing the simple pleasures of life. Decorating with light, arranging seating for close-knit conversation, planting aromatic flowers and adding outdoor water features to encourage mindfulness are a few ways to integrate hygge into landscapes, and to find more enjoyment and fulfillment in outdoor spaces

3. Upgraded Outdoor Kitchens

outdoor-kitchen2Yep, keeping up with the Joneses will cost you. A built-in outdoor kitchen complete with mobile app-controlled appliances isn’t in our budget this year but we might be able to splurge for a new chimney starter.



4. Utilizing all Types of Materials

patio tableVarious forms of hardscape materials (think pebble paths, stone planters, wood decks) are mixing things up in yards across the country. Using a variety of materials help keep things casual and comfortable (see #2).



5. Promoting Pollination

Honeybee on asterIncorporating native plants that encourage pollinators is steadily gaining popularity with homeowners. Easy-to-follow guides make finding the best flora for the job almost as easy as paint by numbers.

 6. Growing “smart” lawns.

Viola_cultivarsThrough selective breeding of plants, turfgrass seed producers have made significant advancements in developing cultivated grass varieties, called cultivars, that are designed to be smarter. They can better withstand the elements while still delivering an aesthetically beautiful and healthy lawn, making them especially desirable in drought-prone areas. Modern cultivars also enhance the environmental benefits of lawns, including the production of oxygen, while the latest strides in irrigation technology helps conserve water.

7. Taking landscapes to new heights

Budget-Friendly-IdeasNow, we’re seeing green roofs and living gardens in unexpected settings, such as ballpark restaurants or even double-decker buses. Homeowners are thinking above the ground level when it comes to their landscapes, too.

Savvy homeowners are seeking smart landscape solutions, which means professionals are finding new ways to adapt to environmental elements, making continued advances in technology and taking outdoor living to the next level. At the same time, a return to simple plantings reflects that although innovation in landscaping continues to accelerate, savoring the effortless beauty of the outdoors remains a top priority.

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