Something Fun to Do with Kids at Home


Families are always looking for fun ways to connect. Mom’s and Dad’s wanting to connect with kids, get them away from game consoles and have fun. We have an idea that not only gets families connected but also gets them outside, promotes healthy eating and save money on grocery budgets.

Backyard vegetable gardening is fun, kids can do it and families can fill dinner plates with healthy foods. No matter how big or small your backyard is you can have a garden. If done properly families will be amazed at a number of vegetables they can grow and the kids will eat it.

Getting started is easy.  Here is a short checklist of things to do first:

  • First and foremost get the family together to decide what you want to grow. Visit a garden center for help. It may take some nudging to get older kids to get involved but once they do, most kids absolutely love it.
  • Pick a spot in the backyard that gets a good amount of sunshine and close to a water source.
  • Make sure if you have a sprinkler system you don’t dig into the dirt and hit a sprinkler line.
  • You will need a few gardening supplies, shovel, rake, hoe, and good soaker hose.
  • Check with your local garden center for vegetables that are in season to grow. You can get plants that are ready to plant. This is the easiest way to get started.

You can rent a garden tiller from most Home Depot® or Lowes® to get your garden area started. Make sure before you start using a garden tiller, the sprinkler system lines are not buried where you will garden the earth. You can buy online a lawn edging roll here.  Prepare your area and you’re off and running.

Kids can help dig holes, plant, and water the garden. Kids who plant Kale, will eat Kale. Parents are amazed at kids that may be finicky eaters. When they plant and watch things grow they will actually eat it. Vegetable gardens are not hard to grow, it’s fun to get dirty with your family.

We spoke earlier about lowering your grocery bill. Vegetable gardens are very prolific. For example, a single tomato plant in a season can yield up to 20 lbs of tomatoes. With a little planning, you could supply your home with enough fresh produce to truly cut down your grocery bill.

If you really wanted to get creative talk with a couple of neighbors and see if they have gardens. You can share produce that you may not be growing with them or vice versa.

During winter months you can get vegetable plants started indoors and when the weather turns you will be ready to transplant to the family garden.

Home gardens bring families together outside and at the dinner table. So grab the family put on some overalls and get digging!


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