Turning The Backyard Into A Playground


What You Have To Work With

Backyard-PlaygroundTurning the backyard into a playground can be a simple low cost project to an elaborate and expensive endeavor. The true and always important factor to keep in mind is area size of area to work with.

  • One of the simplest areas to play in is a small patch of plain dirt.
  • A sandbox is more practical alternative to a dirt patch. Not as messy to play in, but it requires more maintenance.

Playgrounds can have slides, swings, bars, and ropes. Choose equipment that doesn’t require much maintenance. Tires can provide a cheap and a variety of uses. Creating swings, obstacle courses, and targets for games and more.

Clubhouses and Hideaways

playground setI cannot recall how many times I played in make shift fort or in a friends tree house.  Kids love to have a spot of their own.  Now a days many backyards have combination clubhouses with a swing set or a jungle gym combination.

Additionally, tree houses are a great option if you a trees that are healthy and durable to build a proper tree house.

Whats on the Playground

Keeping the ground maintained is always a challenge.  If you have grass then all the foot traffic will leave trails through the yard and lead to more damaged grass and weeds.

Kids are tough on grass, so plant a variety that is hearty enough to take the extra foot traffic.  Another option is using sand or a wood mulch is ideal for playground instead of turf grass.

Summer Water Playgrounds


Having water activities such as swimming pools to simple lawn sprinklers is great way to cure the summertime blues. Adding a little water makes the backyard fun and appealing during the hottest months of the summer.

  • Kiddie Pools – Great for younger kids that need a small pool to stay entertained.
  • Water cannons – Kids love using water cannons to have water fights.
  • Sprinklers – A large variety of outdoor sprinklers for kids to enjoys water activities
  • Slip and Slides – You can buy a Slip and Slide or create your own with some painters plastic and a water sprinkler.
  • Above Grounds Pools – For the bigger kids and adults, a larger above ground pool is perfect.

Please keep in mind that excessive water can lead to over watering and your lawn having brown spots from the grass being covered for prolong periods with plastic covers.

There are many ways to convert your yard into a awesome home playground. All it takes is a little imagination and a bit of planning.


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